Our goal is to conquer your palate, but also the hearts of our guests. Our guests can enjoy various types of pizza, pasta, salad and grill.

Reach tradition

We care about our guests

Pizzas prepared in a baker’s oven, and pay special attention to the dough that we work according to the same recipe as before 25 years. All of our dishes are stored in our kitchen with fresh groceries which, whenever possible, are supplied by local manufacturers. The quality of our food leaves a lasting impression on our guests, so they are always coming back to us. It is not our aim to reward guests only the palate, but to satisfy all the senses. We like the saying that a pleasing guest is the best guest.

Hidden location in the center of the city

Located in the hearth of the city, on the side street leading to the Historical Museum, Pizzeria Jupiter ia a place where you can feel the true charm of a rustic ambience in conjuction with the nature. Although we have two large terraces, intimacy is felt in every corner of the space. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and felt a touch of history. The very idea of “Jupiter” was inspired by the fact that the pizzeria is located at the alleged site of the temple of the Roman god Jupiter.

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